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  Since 2005 SMTA has been installing Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) to its subscribers. To date fiber optic service is available to a little over 80% of SMTA subscribers. SMTA plans to have FTTH service available to 100% of its service area by the end of 2015. FTTH provides the availability of higher speed broadband services and more reliable IPTV (see Cable TV) service.

  SMTA currently provides Broadband service speed in packages of 1MB, 2MB, 3MB, 5MB and 10MB which is available either through the DSL or FTTH plant. Higher speeds can be provided over FTTH and quotes are available upon request. SMTA is proud of the fact that all customers within its service area have access to quality state of the art High Speed Broadband. SMTA members earn capital credits when purchasing Broadband Service from SMTA.

Beginning June 1, 2013, SMTA began charging a surcharge for excess data usage. The amount of transferred data for our plans are below:

Plan Download/ Upload Speeds Transferred Data Included in Plan Price
1M 1 Mbs/256kbs 100GB $29.95
2M 2 Mbs/384kbs 150GB $39.95
3M 3 Mbs/512kbs 250GB $49.95
5M 5 Mbs/1Mbs 350GB $59.95
10M 10 Mbs/1Mbs 400GB $69.95

An additional 25 cents per GB will be charged for data usage over the amount allowed for each plan.

To check your data usage for the month, click here

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(Ohio sales tax applicable to DSL accounts used for business purposes)

  SMTA will no longer be providing free technical support after installation. We will make every effort to get your DSL operational on your computer equipment, but must emphasize that our responsibility ends at the network interface on the outside of your house. This doesn't mean we won't help you, but if you upgrade operating systems or add some other program and DSL quits working we will charge the going rate for computer service.

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